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Carlynn Ross & Curtis Ransom — Minted

Carlynn Ross


Curtis Ransom

Carlynn Ross and Curtis Ransom

we are excited to celebrate this next chapter in our lives with you!

Our Story

Picture it! Ettrick, 1989. A beautiful 14-year-old girl new to Matoaca High School was sitting in her homeroom class, nervously looking around, only knowing a handful of students. Sitting two seats in front of her was a cute, curly haired young man with a sarcastically humorous quick wit. Initially they did not have many classes together but developed a friendship through homeroom and lunch time. By the end of their ninth-grade year, the young man signed her yearbook saying, “A girl who can pluck a nerve but who can really be a good friend." Over the next few years, they had more classes together and their friendship grew moving them to a first date seeing the movie, Jurassic Park. By their junior year of high school, the young man wrote in her yearbook in part, “Our relationship has grown a lot from me to not knowing you to our great relationship now. You are an intelligent, beautiful young woman. You will find someone and next time try a man instead of a boy."

Welcome to the start of Carlynn and Curtis’s story!

With growing attraction on both sides, they dated during their senior year in high school creating special memories at prom, Kings Dominion the day after, and graduation. They both attended the University of Virginia and while their relationship did not last, their friendship never wavered. During first year orientation, they sat beside each other and despite graduating from different programs, they found a way to sit with each other during the university commencement ceremony four years later.

After graduation, they both moved to the Washington, DC area still hanging out as friends. As life would throw a curve ball in their story, managing graduate school and work, their frequent communication waned. But holidays and significant life moments kept them connected. Learning how to navigate social media outlets, Carlynn’s mother befriended Curtis on Facebook and attempting to send Curtis her daughter’s cell phone number mistakenly posted it on her own page! Fortunately, Curtis saw this shortly after the posting and removed Carlynn’s number. After numerous missed calls and re-scheduled outings, Curtis was about to give up when Carlynn finally followed through on a planned get together. What started out as catching up while running errands turned into spending all day together. For the next several years, their friendship and connection to each other grew beyond what either one of them imagined. And despite Carlynn’s disdain for these TV love stories, this is the perfect Hallmark movie but without a gazebo.